10, 11, 12 November

@ 3Våningen, Göteborg


THE GAP brings Penkova further into the world of dance history. Based on her own experience of encountering Western culture in her teens and later with contemporary dance art, she tries to highlight the feeling of constant delay, a kind of temporary exclusion, which she needed to bite through to catch up with the timelines of Western contemporary aesthetics. What did she need to do to eliminate the feeling of being out of sync? In a continuous movement accompanied by a soundtrack of music, silence and short recorded reflections on norms and values between East and West, Penkova shares how contemporary dance practices have given her mind and body both keys to liberation and
reasons to revolt.


choreography/text/dance: Liza Penkova

dramaturgical support: Armin Kerber

sound: Håkan Jelk

light: Wannes de Rydt

costume: Liza Winzel

producer: Producentbyrån


supported by:

Göteborgs Stad Kulturstöd, Kulturrådet, Konstnärsnämnden, Västra Götalands Region Kulturstöd, Danscentrum Väst

creation working periods 2022 :

 11-23 July @ 3våningen, Göteborg

 22-31 August @ Konstkollektivet, Mölndal

 4- 18 September @ Vitlycke Art Center, Tanum

 17- 29 October @ Le Boson, Brussels



 past research periods in 2020/2021:

 @ DCväst, Göteborg

 @ Spinn studio, Göteborg

 @ 3Våningen, Göteborg

 @ MDT, Stockholm

 @ Hallen, Farsta

@ Le Boson, Brussels



“My body is a room filled with antiques…”

In the first part – My body is a room filled with antiques and some late minimalism – the dancer Liza Penkova starts from herself. In the form of an uninterrupted walk, a gradual transformation takes place as Penkova embarks on an impromptu movement dialogue between past and present canonizations, techniques and norms that she experiences have transformed her body into a room filled with antiques and some late minimalism. The goal is to refurnish, update and recycle. Find links, bridges, entrances and exits that can allow other values, expressions to enter. We need the past to reflect on what has come before us and to thereby understand where we are going.


  • 10-11-12 december 2020 @ 3e Våningen (cancelled)
  • 19-20 mars 2021 (cancelled )


Working periods:

    • Residens @ LeBoson, Brussels 4-8 maj
    • Residens 3e Våningen, Göteborg   juni
    • Residens MDT, Stockholm 13-19 juli
    • Residens Danscentrum Väst  augusti
    • Residens Farsta/Hallen, Stockholm 4-8 oktober
 Supported by:
  • Göteborgs Stad Kulturnämnd
  • Konstnärsnämnden

Funambulist (Seiiltänzer) – 2019, 2023


Funambulist is a trio with a dancer and two musicians. An installation where dance, music and choreography meet. Where gesture, sound and movement are examined in their texture, quality and volume. Created in a collaboration between dance artist Liza Penkova (SE), violinist Dejana Sekulic (SR) and pianist Nao Momitani (JP) to Sofia Gubaiduina’s composition Der Seiltänzer.
Funambulist will be expanded to a larger version with three dancers and two musicians  in 2023.

Residens 2021:

    • 2-8 augusti 2021 @ DCväst, Göteborg
    • 9-15 augusti 2021 @ Atalante, Göteborg


  • 28 august2020 @ Tanzmesse Düsseldorf (digital version)
  • 12 november 2020 @ Dansmässa, Stockholm (digital version)
  • 1 february 2021 @ Februaridansen, Göteborg (digital version)

The Silent Song practice 2014-2019

To know more about the practice please follow the link: