The Gap

18 Steps through (dance) history PART II

Performing dates:


December 8,9 RE-PREMIER  @Atalante, Göteborg

September 2 @ Vitlycke CPA , Tannumshede

March 25-26 @ Konstkollektivet, Mölndal


November 10,11,12 @ 3Våningen, Göteborg

When Liza Penkova came to Sweden from Russia in the 1990s as a teenager, it took her some time to understand the new Western reality. Much was similar, but even more unfamiliar. Then, as a classically trained dance student, she was also introduced to Western contemporary dance, which later became the basis of her long international career as a dancer with choreographers Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker, Michele Noiret, Helena Franzen, Gothenburg Ballet company among others.

Thirty years later, in her first solo-work as a choreographer, THE GAP, she draws a parallel between the move to the West and the transition to the contemporary dance aesthetic. She tries to make visible a sense of constant delay. A kind of temporal gap that she needed to fill in order to catch up with Western freedom. Alternating between silence, music, voices from dance icons and her own reflections on norms and values between East and West, the audience is drawn into an hour-long dance solo with elements of melodrama and humor.


choreography/text/dance: Liza Penkova

dramaturgy :Armin Kerber

sound: Per -Henrik Mäepää

lightdesign: Nelson Lima

costume: Anne-Catherine Kunz

co-production: Vitlycke Center for Performing Arts

production/admin: Producentbyrån

reserach/creation residencies 2020-2022 :

 3våningen, Göteborg

Konstkollektivet, Mölndal

Vitlycke Center for Performing Arts, Tanum

Le Boson, Brussels

DCväst, Göteborg

Spinn studio, Göteborg

MDT, Stockholm

Hallen, Farsta

Stora Teatern, Göteborg

My body is a room filled with antiques...

18 steps through (dance) history PART I : extention I (2023)

Conceived for and inspired by the underlying concept of the festival Rabbit/Duck, Penkova presents a solo performance in which through methods of improvisation she allows herself to dissect and destabilize the original choreographic score of “My body is a room filled with antiques… “- putting herself face to face with the limits that can shift the perception of content and meaning in the existing choreographic writing.

performance: 14 october 2023 @ Scene 46

18 steps through (dance) history PART I : short film (2021) by Pauline Fonsny

18 steps through (dance) history PART I (2020)

In the first part – My body is a room filled with antiques and some late minimalism – the dancer Liza Penkova starts from herself. In the form of an uninterrupted walk, a gradual transformation takes place as Penkova embarks on an impromptu movement dialogue between past and present canonizations, techniques and norms that she experiences have transformed her body into a room filled with antiques and some late minimalism. The goal is to refurnish, update and recycle. Find links, bridges, entrances and exits that can allow other values, expressions to enter. We need the past to reflect on what has come before us and to thereby understand where we are going.


  • 10-11-12 december 2020 @ 3e Våningen (cancelled)
  • 19-20 mars 2021 (cancelled )

Short film by Pauline Fonsny:

  • coming up 2021

Working periods:

    • Le Boson, Bruxelles
    • 3e Våningen, Göteborg
    • MDT, Stockholm
    • Danscentrum Väst
    • Farsta/Hallen, Stockholm
 Supported by:
  • Göteborgs Stad Kulturnämnd
  • Konstnärsnämnden