FILLING (installation)

a playfull installation that gives insight into contemporary dance history
get familliar with iconic contemporary dance vocabulary by reading a menu
or get a perspective how political regimes effect what our bodies can or can not do
when things get too complex get closer and scan the QR code attached
be inspired by rebels exchanging compassion across time and space
reflect on norms in size, shape, texture and quality
discover what musical instruments had impact on the dailly training of a dancer

FILLING” is a mini-installation that takes the visitor on a journey through the various twists and turns of Western contemporary dance throughout history. It makes visible the connection between body, culture and ideology. Using simple materials such as paper, cardboard and wood (including toy figures, newspaper clippings and QR codes), moments from the dance archive are staged in a whimsical and imaginative way.

The installation’s design and use of everyday materials creates an accessible and engaging experience where visitors can interact with and reflect on the historical and aesthetic changes that have shaped contemporary dance. By interweaving visual elements with technological elements (e.g. QR codes), “FILLING” offers an innovative way to explore and understand the evolution of dance and its impact on society.


With support from:

Göteborgs Stad Utvecklingsprojekt 2023

Atalante  2023

Finnekumla dans och konstscen 2024