is innitiated by and centered around works and collaborations of the Swedish dance-artist Liza Penkova.

Penkova’s work is movement-based combining dance aesthetics, didactics and eastern healing practices.

In 2019, she starts working on a series of dance solos “18 steps (through dance history)”  and ” Dancer on a tightrope”.  Collaboration is important in her work and she is one of the original members and initiators of cross-disciplinary collectives “House of Bertha” and “PhD in one night ”. She is also a co-creator of the “Silent song-practice” together with the Korean artist Sue Yeon Youn.

Educated at the Royal Swedish Ballet School and P. A. R. T. S , Penkova’s professional path starts as a dancer at the Gothenburg ballet company. Shortly after she joins the Rosas dance company/ A-T De Keersmaeker in Brussels where she works for the next ten years. Curious about the work of the freelance choreographers Penkova eventually works with Georgia Vardarou/Kunst-Werk (GR/BE), Veli Lehtovaara (FI),Helena Franzén(SE), Human Works (NO/BE) and Michèle Noiret (BE).



4-10 may Residency @ Le Boson, Brussels

9-15 may on tour with Michèle Noiret @ MC2, Brussels/Grenoble, cancelled

16-17 may on tour with Helena Franzén @ Skeppsholmstudion, Stockholm, cancelled

26-30 august Tanzmesse , cancelled

1-4 september Teaching @ SKH

22-31 october on tour with Michèle Noiret, Oslo/Sandvika/Larvik




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